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This form is a request for service, not a contract. Completion of this form does not guarantee services or suggest an agreement for services or facilities. Facility usage, dates, and times are subject to availability.

If we can provide assistance as you plan your event, please contact us at

Remember, the deadline for priority consideration is Monday, October 31, 2022.

Group Eligibility Requirements

The Group Eligibility Requirements for service through the Conference Services departments of University Housing are:

  1. participants must not be on campus primarily to take UNL summer school classes;
  2. participants must not be required to be in enrolled in UNL summer school classes;
  3. group must be sponsored by a UNL department or closely related to the University's mission.

Groups who do not meet either of the first two criteria may be able to make arrangements for room and board through the University Housing Student Contracts office. The Contracts office can be reached by phone at (402) 472-3561 or email at

Are participants staying on campus primarily to take UNL summer school classes? Required
Are all participants required to be enrolled in summer classes at UNL? Required

Contact Information

Billing Information

Contact types
Please indicate the individual to whom you would like the final invoice sent: Required
Payment Method: Required

Groups Sponsored by University Departments or State Agencies: Your final bill will be posted to your account.

Tax Exemption Status

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