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Conference Assistants (CA) are a vital member of the Conference Services program. CAs live and work in the residence halls, responding to the day-to-day needs of conference guests and students.

Being a CA will help you develop many skills employers value. CAs serve guests from all over the world, from all walks of life and from all age groups.

CAs tell us it's the close-knit, fun-loving team of student leaders that makes their CA experience the best of their lives.

The CA team is comprised of well-rounded, diverse students who share a desire to serve others. If you’re looking for a fun, positive atmosphere where you can develop valuable, marketable skills, apply today to be a CA!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you gain satisfaction from helping others and are a hard worker, this job is for you. 10 out of 10!

The job allowed me to make lots of friends and gain confidence.

It's easy money and you get to hang out with cool people.

Being a CA allowed me to meet people from around the world with diverse backgrounds.

People come to campus from all over the world and we get to be their first impression of Nebraska.

I would recommend this experience to anyone!

It's one of the opportunities I highly recommend anyone!

Being a CA has helped me in making new friends and connections and improved my customer service skills.